[New Book] Islam and Nationhood in Bosnia-Herzegovina

Based on substantial fieldwork and thorough knowledge of written sources, Xavier Bougarel offers an innovative analysis of the post-Ottoman and post-Communist history of Bosnian Muslims. Islam and Nationhood in Bosnia-Herzegovina explores little-known aspects of the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina, unravels the paradoxes of Bosniak national identity, and retraces the transformations of Bosnian Islam from the end of the Ottoman period to today. It offers fresh perspectives on the wars and post-war periods of the Yugoslav space, the forming of national identities and the strength of imperial legacies in Eastern Europe, and Islam’s presence in Europe.… Read the rest

[New Book] Orthodox Christian Renewal Movements in Eastern Europe

Editors: Djurić Milovanović, Aleksandra, Radić, Radmila (Eds.)

Orthodox Christian Renewal Movements in Eastern | Aleksandra Djurić Milovanović | Springer

Book description
This book explores the changes underwent by the Orthodox Churches of Eastern and Southeastern Europe as they came into contact with modernity. The movements of religious renewal among Orthodox believers appeared almost simultaneously in different areas of Eastern Europe at the end of the nineteenth and during the first decades of the twentieth century. This volume examines what could be defined as renewal movement in Eastern Orthodox traditions.… Read the rest

[New Book] Stefano Bottoni: Long Awaited West. Eastern Europe since 1944

Stefano Bottoni: Long Awaited West. Eastern Europe since 1944 (Bloomington: Indiana University Press, October 2017)

What is Eastern Europe and why does this large regions feel nowadays distant from the European core?

This book tells the story of how Central and Eastern Europe became part of the Soviet empire. It explains how did this strange empire consolidate, how did it start declining and how it did fall apart in 1989. Even most importantly, this book explores how Soviet-ruled Eastern Europe strove to develop and implement its own pattern of modernization, and then, following the fall of the Iron Curtain, spent some two and a half decades posing as a kind of pupil of the West.
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[New Book] Europe’s Balkan Muslims. A New History

Nathalie Clayer and Xavier Bougarel, Europe’s Balkan Muslims. A New History (translated by Andrew Kirby), London, Hurst, 2017.


There are roughly eight million Muslims in south-east Europe, among them Albanians, Bosniaks, Turks and Roma ‘ descendants of converts or settlers in the Ottoman period. This new history of the social, political and religious transformations that this population experienced in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries ‘ a period marked by the collapse of the Ottoman, Austro-Hungarian and Russian Empires and by the creation of the modern Balkan states ‘ will shed new light on the European Muslim experience.… Read the rest