[New Book] Orthodox Christian Renewal Movements in Eastern Europe

Editors: Djurić Milovanović, Aleksandra, Radić, Radmila (Eds.)

Orthodox Christian Renewal Movements in Eastern | Aleksandra Djurić Milovanović | Springer

Book description
This book explores the changes underwent by the Orthodox Churches of Eastern and Southeastern Europe as they came into contact with modernity. The movements of religious renewal among Orthodox believers appeared almost simultaneously in different areas of Eastern Europe at the end of the nineteenth and during the first decades of the twentieth century. This volume examines what could be defined as renewal movement in Eastern Orthodox traditions. Some case studies include the God Worshippers in Serbia, religious fraternities in Bulgaria, the Zoe movement in Greece, the evangelical movement among Romanian Orthodox believers known as Oastea Domnului (The Lord’s Army), the Doukhobors in Russia, and the Maliovantsy in Ukraine. This volume provides a new understanding of processes of change in the spiritual landscape of Orthodox Christianity and various influences such as other non-Orthodox traditions, charismatic leaders, new religious practices and rituals.

1 Prologue: Looking West, but Walking East: The Dilemma of Orthodoxy in a Modernising World – Meic Pearse
2 Introductory: Understanding Renewal Movements in Orthodox Christianity – Aleksandra Djurić Milovanović and Radmila Radić

Part I Orthodox Christian Renewal Movements in Russia, Soviet Union and Ukrain
3 Ritual, Ecclesia, and the Reform of Russian Orthodoxy: The Life and Thought of Ioann Verkhovskii, 1818–1891 – James M. White
4 The New Doctrines of the Doukhobor Fasters and Tolstoyism – Svetlana A. Inikova
5 The ‘Renovationists’ and the Soviet State – Mikhail Vitalievich Shkarovskiy
6 Maliovantsy: Orthodox Christianity and the Ukrainian ‘Evangelical’ Peasants of Late Imperial Russia – Sergei I. Zhuk

Part II God Worshipper Movement and It’s Infuence on the Serbian Orthodox Church
7 The Nazarenes Among the Serbs: Proselytism and/or Dissent? – Bojan Aleksov
8 The God Worshipper Movement in Serbian Society in the Twentieth Century: Emergence, Development, and Structures – Radmila Radić and Aleksandra Djurić Milovanović
9 The Infuence of the God Worshipper Movement on the Language Policy and Religious Service of the Serbian Orthodox Church – Ksenija J. Končarević
10 The Prayer Chanting of the God Worshipper Movement – Dragan Ašković
11 The God Worshipper Movement and Pilgrimage: Religious Revival in the Past and Present – Dragana Radisavljević-Ćiparizović

Part III Case Studies of Renewal Movements in the Orthodox Churches of Romania, Greece and Bulgaria
12 The Romanian Lord’s Army: A Case Study in Eastern Orthodox Church Renewal – Corneliu Constantineanu
13 The Oastea Domnului (Lord’s Army) Movement in the Serbian Banat – Mircea Măran
14 The Brotherhood of Theologians Zoe and Its Infuence on Twentieth-Century Greece- Amaryllis Logotheti
15 The Case of the Christiyanka Journal: The Bulgarian Orthodox Charity Network and the Movement for Practical Christianity After World War I – Galina Goncharova